He cut secret deals with enemy countries, and lied constantly. He ran a separate government and lent his country’s ships to an enemy state in exchange for a foreign bride. He surrounded himself with one percenters living off corporate monopolies, and filled government offices with incompetent sycophants. He tried his “enemies” in The Star Chamber, then tortured, murdered or locked them up. Definition of “enemies”: the press, political opponents, anybody who disagreed with him. Please allow the following tale to penetrate the selfies, the chat, the important meeting and the next big thing because this is the real deal and tyrants then are tyrants now.

A hundred and twenty-eight years before English colonists in America became rebels against their British government, a major hoe-down went down across the Atlantic and when the dust cleared, England had abolished the monarchy and created the English Republic ruled by law instead of monarchs with God connections. King: gone. Religious tortures including the wildly popular burning people alive: gone. Secret trial court and bought and-paid-for judges: gone. Runaway corruption: curtailed. Perpetual war, military goon squads, hired mercernaries, violence and endless killings: bye.

Colony rebels were well-aware that the English Parliament had cut the head off a man just like…

Americans have been caged so long, when somebody opens the door and says come on out, they don’t move. Bernie Sanders is offering to extract trillions from the lavish bank accounts and stock portfolios of rich white men and redistribute it to the people of this country, and what do people do? They freeze and refuse to move. He’s offering college education courtesy of Wall Street capitalists through a fifty cent tax on each $100 they rake in. Fifty cents, okay? He’s offering Medicare for everybody by cutting out health insurance companies, enabling people to pay a fraction of the…

In the midst of our collective viewing of the Watergate remake, complete with today’s version of perpetual war, hippies, $10,000 toilet seats and reptilian villain, Nancy Pelosi declares that impeachment would be “divisive”. By the same logic, she, herself, would still be chattel. Not to mention that the impeachee is one of the most divisive things America has ever been forced to endure.

What she really means is that impeaching the ugly face of pure, unadulterated capitalism would endanger a slam-dunk win for her team. She explained it to reporters on April 11th:

“I can almost predict how well we…

Terie Mitchell

Passion for law and science. Investigative reporter. USC grad (not on rowing team).

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