Why Nancy Pelosi is Blocking the Impeachment of Donald Trump

In the midst of our collective viewing of the Watergate remake, complete with today’s version of perpetual war, hippies, $10,000 toilet seats and reptilian villain, Nancy Pelosi declares that impeachment would be “divisive”. By the same logic, she, herself, would still be chattel. Not to mention that the impeachee is one of the most divisive things America has ever been forced to endure.

What she really means is that impeaching the ugly face of pure, unadulterated capitalism would endanger a slam-dunk win for her team. She explained it to reporters on April 11th:

“I can almost predict how well we do in an election one year in advance. Because one year in advance is where you see where the president of the party is . . . Now, we go to 2019 and where the President is in 2019, if he’s still in the 40s, they have a big problem.”

Trump’s approval rating is 39%. It’s winner take all for the Dem team of America’s RepDem capitalist party as long as she blocks impeachment. The tape gets rewound back to 2016; Biden is slapped over Hillary, and life goes on. Impeaching a sure-fire win for the capitalist party would be divisive alright — divisive to the capitalist one party system.

Senate Reps wouldn’t go along with it anyway — for what? Their interest is in capitalists staying in power, not opening the door for Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and who-knows-what to explain to Americans that their lives don’t have to be defined as slaving for corporate America for 50 years to pay off a mortgage, get cancer and die.

Sure, Trump bit the head off of carefully curated capitalism, but all Dems have to do is smear on a glob of democracy, deep-fry it in civility, and Americans will shuffle back to the regime — and it is a regime — that extorts, intimidates, blackmails, and kills to stay in power. Americans will keep pretending they live in a democracy as they make those monthly payola transfers to the corporate executives because they know what happens if they don’t. Altogether they’ll fork over $16M/month to corporate grifters like United Health Group under threat that they’ll die without insurance. They will turn over their last dime to oil executives to feed their cars. They won’t have a problem spending their lives in meaningless, mind-numbing jobs for the ultimate benefit of the 1% in the face of the alternative — do I dare say it? Ho — less. They’ll define their worth as human beings, and the worth of others, by their credit score and what kind of car they drive in obedience to capitalist values. Americans are well-trained in the consequences of resisting corporate blackmail and extortion. It’s democracy, right? I mean they have on suits and ties and all.

Despite all of this, though, our Dem team leader knows, and so do her Rep counterparts in the RepDem capitalist party (Bill Weld, for example), that capitalism has got a problem, a big problem. Americans are starting to question it.

It’s Bernie Sanders fault. It’s not like they didn’t try to bury the guy once and for all. Between him way over there, and Trump in lunar orbit, people have scattered in all directions, and started asking questions like how does a white male hierarchy perpetuating profound inequality through criminal activity jibe with democracy?

It doesn’t. And Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is bringing up reparations and things like that so annoying that Pelosi can barely filter her contempt for the woman. Dianne Feinstein doesn’t even try. Her near violent reaction to the mere mention of the Alexandria Ocasio Cortez/Ed Markey “Green New Deal”, with its 70% tax on the richest, betrays her as the capitalist regime handmaiden she’s always been under that California vibe. She well-knows (having been the wife of a multi-millionnaire wheeler-dealer for decades) that a seventy percent tax rate is actually way short of the 94% rich people were docked before the greed-is-good ‘80s.

Pelosi must carefully construct her rationale for refusing to impeach Donald Trump so as not to betray her party’s role in maintaining the capitalist quo. Ideally it should be delivered against a flurry of activity giving the impression that capitalist excesses are being curbed. Prison time for Hollywood elites; arrest of “Students for Trump” founder; and, of course, the arrest of Julian Assange set just the right tone for the no impeachment monologue Pelosi is poised to deliver. Assange is facing major payback for his exposure of the sickening rot of capitalist murder posing as democracy, and slap-down of the quo’s handpicked CEO, Hillary.

Still and all, the fact that capitalists have destroyed the infrastructure for life in a mere 300 years of unrestrained greed, plunder and violence — acts so monstrous they eclipse any and all crimes that came before — should concern the handmaidens of the capitalist regime.

Let’s switch the channel. Dances with Wolves on continuous loop. People lived on this continent for at least 15,000 years sustainably. They protected the fantastic diversity of animals and plants, the crystal clear lakes, springs, rivers and oceans, the deep blue sky and gorgeous vistas. They protected life for thousands of years. Capitalist America is a dying, overpopulated, synthetic, violent, mentally unstable, poverty-stricken, electronic-addicted, toxic chemical wasteland of capital enterprise spiraling into oblivion. Only so much automobile exhaust can spew into the atmosphere, only so many billions of tons of toxic chemicals can poison the water, land and peoples’ bodies before ultimate collapse. “Climate change” is a polite way of saying mass extinction. It’s a polite way of saying goodbye forever to everything. No — technology isn’t swooping in to save us, no we can’t live on Mars and yes we’re reaching the critical point where we can’t save ourselves even if we wanted to. Money doesn’t support life; it supports capitalists and capitalists support fantasies.

There is no future in the capitalist party. The plans of the few must give way to the ideas of the many. Democracy must replace capitalism or we’ll all go down with the 1%. But if Pelosi pulls a McConnell and harbors Trump in office to keep the capitalist party in control, what can we do?

There is an answer.

When representatives in the English Parliament executed Charles Stuart I and his 1% cronies for their crimes against the English people (which, if you look into it, are breathtakingly familiar), they did it based on the most important principle of democracy. Three words. Rule. Of. Law. In a democracy, laws rule, not men. No man, no woman, no President, no senator or judge, no committee, agency, department or precedent — nobody and nothing supersedes the Rule of Law. If a person commits a crime — even one — they must be arrested and tried. It does not matter who they are. No one is above the law. It is the foundation of a democratic society. It is the reason American patriots fought for 18 years against a king. It is the reason that any 35 year-old natural born citizen off the street can become President: they are one of us, subject to the same laws.

The President of the United States is under at least seven criminal investigations. His own attorney and others doing his bidding have been arrested, convicted and put in prison for their roles in his crimes. No one is above the law. Arrest Donald Trump and take him to prison pending his trials. The English did it and ended corporate rule. We must do it.

Passion for law and science. Investigative reporter. USC grad (not on rowing team).

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